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Support and maintenance management


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  • Additive Manufacturing in Maintenance.
  • Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks and Automated Data Collection.
  • Augmented Reality for Training and Remote Maintenance.
  • Maintenance as a Service.
  • Supply Chain Collaboration.

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Reactive Application Support to resolve identified issues in timely manner
Proactive Application Support to prevent critical situations or timely detect emerging problems.
Features & Integration Software customization, adding new features, application integration.

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Swordtail for software development, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media, and other internet marketing app development services to learn what it’s like to have our team on yours.

WordPress Updates

Updating ensures that your theme, plugins, and core software always remain in tip-top shape.

Website Backups

Website backups make sure your site will be up and running before anyone even noticed it was down.

Website Security

Keep your website always safe and secure with daily scans and an arsenal of other proactive measures.

Website Performance

We implement best practices available to get your site running like a well-oiled machine.

Customized Support & maintenance Strategy

A maintenance strategy involves the identification, resourcing and execution of many thousands of repair, replace and inspect decisions.

Benefits of optimizing your maintenance strategy include extending asset life, reducing asset failures, minimizing repair costs and improving health and safety. Start by assessing your current maintenance strategy to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Application Support and Maintenance Services

We Offer A Flexible Set Of Software Maintenance Service Components To Help You Assemble Your Personalized Service​. As the name suggests, a reactive application support approach involves reacting to issues after they have happened. 

Code Review

We provide comprehensive testing coverage for all code paths and error to ensure code quality and application reliability.

Performance Monitoring

We periodically monitor and test app performance to identify and eliminate unfavorable trends before users become aware of them.

Security Monitoring

It’s crucial to upgrade security to address new evolving cyberthreats so that your applications remain 100% reliable.

Cloud Resource

Review your cloud environment and identify existing deficiencies. Provide the resource consumption optimization plan.

Bespoke Maintenance Plans

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In contrast, a proactive IT support approach stays one step ahead by consistently maintaining IT systems and having warnings in place for any potential issues about to arise. Prevention rather than cure, if you like. When regular maintenance and servicing is in place, the downtime that businesses face due to technological issues can be majorly reduced.


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